8 Commonly Asked Questions About Assisted Living

July 13, 2017 | Blog | Reading Time 4:00 Minutes

For so many reasons, the decision to move to an assisted living community can feel overwhelming. We understand.

With so many frequently asked questions surrounding assisted living, let’s dive right in. Here are 8 of the most common questions we receive, along with their answers:

1. What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a term that generally refers to a community where seniors (65+) are encouraged to continue living independent lives amongst friends while receiving assistance for daily activities on an as-needed basis. These daily activities include everything from bathing and dressing to daily chores and medication reminders. The best assisted living communities understand and pursue the proper balance between support and independence.

2. How is assisted living different from a nursing home?

The differences between assisted living and living in a nursing home are vast, but they most notably boil down to this: assisted living does not provide advanced medical care around the clock, whereas Staten Island nursing homes do make medical services and personnel available on a consistent basis. Assisted living is not nursing home living. This distinction is important.

3. What are the benefits of assisted living?

The list is long, but here are a few of the many benefits associated with assisted living:

  • enhanced social life (combating isolation or loneliness)
  • additional recreational opportunities
  • daily or weekly help with housekeeping duties
  • reliable transportation
  • increased peace of mind

4. When is it time to make the move to assisted living?

The decision to move into assisted living is generally not an easy one. Varying factors affect different people in unique ways, making the decision of when to move a highly personal one. Generally speaking, however, assisted living exists for the senior adult who needs additional help for daily life, but does not require any advanced care medically. Additionally, assisted living is ideal for the person who could benefit from life with like-minded individuals in a community offering a vibrant social calendar with trained staff members on hand for difficult tasks.

5. How long is a typical assisted living commitment?

Unlike apartment living, most assisted living communities do not require a long-term agreement. In fact, Staten Island assisted living communities (like ours) typically require only a month-to-month commitment – with 30 days notice before leaving – so that individuals can make the right decision to meet their needs at any given time.

6. How much does assisted living cost?

Living in an assisted living community typically costs anywhere from $1,000 – $6,000 monthly. The wide range exists because of factors such as location and the number and type of services offered. When researching price, be sure to ask for a specific breakdown of what is included and what would need to be paid above the quoted price.

7. Can Medicare help cover the costs associated with assisted living?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not help cover assisted living expenses, however, various programs exist to help with financial assistance. Research “assisted living financial assistance” online, and speak to your doctor or community services department for direction in this regard. Looking at the costs can initially feel daunting, but help exists.

8. What should I ask for when researching assisted living communities?

If at all possible, visit the various assisted living communities in person. So much information can be gained with a visit. Talk to members of the community. Stay for a meal. Tour the senior apartments and senior homes. Next, ask for documentation. Specifically, request any resident agreements, itemized services and contracts, fee sheets, and health (or physical) assessment forms that would be necessary to sign. Request a copy of the social or activity calendar. Ask what fees would need to be paid up front and what fees would be optional along the way.

Staten Island Assisted Living

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