Second Tuesdays – Heart Healthy Living: Mind, Movement & Mmmm

Join us for the next event in our educational series on successful aging

Heart Healthy Living: Mind, Movement & Mmmm
Tuesday, February 12 at 6:00 pm
Presented by Frank Mensah, Certified Nutrition Educator of the Olyimpic Fit Triumph Program

Please join us at The Brielle, as Frank Mensah engages attendees in a conversation about creating balance for overall health involving diet, exercise and emotional well-being.

Frank is an Olympic athlete and has been a personal trainer for well over 20 years, but it is his newest venture that is changing lives as well as bodies. The Triumph program is designed to test an individual’s strength, encourage endurance and enable abilities regardless of a person’s physical or developmental limitations. He pulls from all his passions to facilitate lifestyle adjustments with individuals in all states of health to promote overall wellness.

  • Learn what happens to the heart physically over time
  • Learn roles of nutrition, exercise and emotional health
  • Learn self-care techniques including exercise and breathing
  • Learn where to find additional information and support

Enjoy dinner on us! Join us for the conversation and dine as our guest.

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