Technology for Caregivers

Tuesday, February 25 | 6:00-8:00 pm
Presented by Steve Nardone in collaboration with PSS Circle of Care

Caregiving can bring a unique set of challenges and need for creativity to meet the needs of both carers and those being cared for.




If you would like to learn creative and tech savvy approaches to these challenges, please join us at The Brielle for a thought-provoking introduction to “Technology for Caregivers,” presented by Steve Nardone, former adviser at the computer science department of CUNY.

In collaboration with PSS Circle of Care, guest presenter Mr. Nardone joins us to share personal experiences he and other caregivers have and technical solutions which can improve and amplify the capabilities of a caregiver. Caregivers will be introduced to information about technology tools to supplement skills to handle everyday challenges, create connection and simplify communication.

About the Speaker
Steve has an MS in Computer Science from the Graduate School of Engineering CUNY, with Electrical Engineering and STEM education and experience. He also graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School majoring in Electrical Engineering. As a hobby, Steve designs and develops software and hardware for system integration and home automation.

Enjoy dinner on us! Join us for the conversation and dine as our guest.

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